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Sandro Bisaro
Edobashi JCT, 2014

J.W. Anderson Resort 2015

Here’s another snap of the fashionable Shaimaa in Casablanca, Morocco.
She did a great job making an accessory, her belt, a main ingredient of the outfit. It’s definitely the most applicable color to compliment the overall tones of the look.
This area was in an old part of Casablanca which provided the lovely stoned road work and colorful architecture that one expects of morocco.
By: Langston Hues #modeststreetfashion #modestfashion


Judaai (1997)


# Archives # ‘Group of Three’ from the MM6 Autumn-Winter 2012 collection

A study on proportion and size, ‘Groups of Three’ stem seasonally from a singular piece in the MM6 collection. Lengthened or shortened, expanded or shrunken, cut narrow or wide – these alterations produce a continuum of styles originating from a core garment.

cabo de guerra II / tug of war II
naquim azul sobre papel / blue nankeen on paper

Yves Christin, 1980

Chelsea shot and styled by XANTHOXYLLUM for YGLU