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Don’t fool yourself. English isn’t inherently superior, or easier to learn, or more sonically pleasing. Its international usage comes from forceful assimilation and legacy of colonialistic injection. It isn’t a deed that one should take pride in. my uncle left this comment on his friend’s Facebook status, a white British man who was bragging about how easy it is to be a native English speaker when trekking to different nations. (via maarnayeri)

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  • horoscope: aries enjoy breathing air and good food
  • girl: yaaaaassss bitch thats me as hell

Anonymous asked: Okay dont write about the us bombings but are you really going to ignore the number of people muslims have killed in the many bombings and terrorist attacks? Yes usa is wrong in trying to exploit afghan, iraq, Syria etc but they really didnt deserve the deaths of all those innocent people to be proven that. Anyone who has committed mass murders dont deserve the respect of mentioning their deaths. did the middle east mourn about the usa terrorist bombings? Why should they... Just like usa dont.


What does that post have to do with Muslims? When did I mention Islam? Reread what I wrote and tell me again how you drew that conclusion? There are millions of Christians, Jews, non-theists, and others in those countries that have been harmed by the United States. That you immediately turned this into a question of “Muslim terrorism” says a lot about you. Also, an “afghan” is a blanket, an “Afghan” is a person from “Afghanistan”. I want you to realize how important this is. My post was about space, and the United States taking up space, and you not taking the time to spell out Afghanistan.

Approximately 3 million Muslims live in the United States, and only 0.007% have been charged in domestic terror plots. That’s lower than any other group. And when did I justify or say innocent people deserved to be killed? You are centering this around American feelings which is exactly what I’m critiquing. Millions of dollars have been spent on the #BostonStrong campaign, and billions of dollars have been spent on 9/11. National tragedies in the United States are put on an assembly line and mass produced into commodities to be sold and consumed and people tweet out #BostonStrong #NeverForget to make themselves feel good. That isn’t mourning.

Every single Muslim and Arab group after 9/11 in the United States condemned the attacks, and hundreds of Muslim individuals and movements around the world did too, Including the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Hizbullah. None of whom had anything to do with it. You mention Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and not once have they ever attacked the United States. Countless photos like this exist, and not only for the Boston Bombing:

Meanwhile, the United States is directly responsible for the genocide in Iraq, the occupation of Afghanistan, in supporting Israel’s colonization of Palestine and genocide of the Palestinians, Israel’s occupations of Lebanon and Syria, and more with tax dollars. Americans don’t simply refuse to “mourn” this, but actively support it.