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Goodbye Nigo as creative director of A Bathing Ape (1993 - April 2013)
Nigo of A Bathing Ape & Jun Takahashi of Undercover
"[In 1993, Jun and Nigo] opens Nowhere, a “windowless and deliberately hard to find” boutique in Harajuku, Japan. “Takahashi would sell only to people he knew, and if he didn’t like the look of someone, no dice,”" — Vogue Magazine


Robert Lebeck
Betende Frauen vor der Großen Moschee
Jakarta, 1965

I have a friend who is more brilliant than I will ever be and more deserving of success. But when he came to America, I realize that the best man of my generation is destroyed here. The playing field has never been even. This is my way of reclaiming my friend’s dignity. Cheng Dongqing, American Dreams in China (via hkctvdramas)

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Vaslaw Nijinsky (Russian, 1889-1950) 
From the serie “Eye”, 1918/1919